Optimus IT is the optimal solution for both long-term cooperations and for individual small projects.

Our company offers the customers several options for cooperation in software development:

  • Fixed cost
  • Hourly rate
  • Dedicated team / Outstaff


Fixed cost

Collaboration on the Fixed Charge model is suitable for companies which need a one-time IT-project. With an accurate and detailed mission statement, what and how exactly it is necessary to do, the specialists of our company carefully conduct the analytical stage of the project and develop detailed specifications for every task. The list, volume, and cost of the realization of tasks are clearly fixed before the commencement of work. IT-risks fall on the shoulders of the outsourcer, and for the customer, it guarantees the fixed costs and expected result.


Hourly rate

Collaboration on the Hourly-based Charge model is a good choice for realizing the software development projects when it is difficult to plan the scope of work in advance, and the requirements for solutions can change even every day.

Having chosen this option, the Customer pays for the actual staff time of every Optimus IT-specialist who is involved in the project: the number of staff’s working time hours* the hourly rate of a certain employee. It allows to flexibly change priorities and quickly reschedule the work. But the main risk for the customer is an unjustified increase in the number of man-hours and project deadline. The breakdown of tasks into sub projects, which are small in scope and deadline, will help to maintain the control over the outsourcer. Services of Optimus IT project manager (who coordinates the relationship with the customer, setting tasks and reporting) are provided free of charge.


Dedicated team / Outstaff

This model implies long-term cooperation: the developer or team works remotely in the client’s staff. But, in fact, the staff continues to work at their former place of work, fully fulfilling the tasks which were set by the customer. The cost and the payment system are specified and agreed upon before the beginning of the project. Payment can be either fixed or hourly.

For the customer convenience and in order to improve the control over the worked time, the customer is provided with periodic reports in the context of completed tasks, which are supported by the data of the tracking time system Tachometer of every employee.

For the convenience of project management, we use Redmine or Trello, and GIT repositories.



  • Direct bank transfer (SWIFT)
  • Bitcoin
  • Payoneer
  • Transferwise
  • Card to card transfer
  • Other popular payment systems