There are two main groups of tasks which IT solves in current business:

  • creation of new products (process control systems, websites, CRM, sales and communication tools);
  • repair, reconstruction, modernization and maintenance of existing IT-solutions.

Optimus IT company will successfully solve any of them.


Optimus IT experience in API and cross-platform integration

  • A new start-up needs a quick start of a complex product/service.

Salespeople of goods and services want to talk about themselves, make promos, and attract buyers / customers. So, it is necessary to have the first website, an online store, landing-page, promo videos and AR-presentations. Furthermore, it is also needed to post the information about company development and product evolution, take calls and resorts, and monitor the effectiveness of performance.


  • A fast-growing company needs the integration of various solutions into a single process.

Sales, warehouse, transport, CRM, management accounting – the work of all units should be visible to the manager, giving details in order to make decisions quickly. The greatest efficiency demonstrates the unification of disparate software solutions into a single system with secure data storage and quick access to them from different departments. At the same time, it is important to replace gradually the solutions which were used earlier with the new system capabilities and not spend big efforts and financial resources on creating analogs of unequivocally non-alternative systems, but integrate the best tools in the world (PayPal, MailChimp, Google API, etc.) into the system being established.


  • A company which is going IPO / ICO or is attracting other kinds of investment requires a clear structure of processes and IT-solutions which accompany them.

An investor needs a simple and comprehensible description of business processes, control points, and tools for influencing processes that cannot be presented without structured IT-solutions, often combining in their capabilities the work of several third-party services. It is necessary to receive an analytics in order to control processes in real time and advanced data to plan and forecast activities, and manage risks.

  • A market leader tries to optimize his business processes, accelerate work and minimize costs.

Furthermore, his own-IT solutions allow ensuring the highest protection against unauthorized access to confidential information.


Optimus IT company will make it real!

And we will make it magnificently. Our experience allows us not to expect from the ordering customers, when they will provide a clear technical task, but make it competently together, determining what is important right now, and what ways of expanding the functionality should be foreseen for the nearest future after the beginning of the project. We will not criticize IT-solution components which have been already used, but we will define together with you what is the most valuable for the company in them, and we will offer the solution – either to realize the required function in the new system or to build in the reputable / ratings-boosting / internationally acclaimed (at your option) service in a new software product, it is easy, like a Lego cube.