API and cross-platform integration

There are two ways to realize popular functions in software products. The first lies in creating your own module. The second is the use of a ready-made solution which level of utility has already become the world standard. MailChimp, PayPal, Facebook, GoogleMaps are only the most popular and common solutions from third-party developers. Besides them, in every state, there are a number of local services which occupy leading positions in their fields, the use of which will be cheap and in demand among users of the finished project.


Optimus IT team has a proven track record of successfully connecting various APIs and cross-platform integration in different areas like financial and physical accounting, tracking delivery services, communication between departments and customers, distributed media access, data exchange and storage, including on secure protocols etc.


Optimus IT experience in API and cross-platform integration

Customers order most often such services as:


  • integration of Offline-Online: access to databases, connecting CRM and database in any direction
  • online payment modules. And it’s not only PayPal, we will conduct an audit together with the customer about how safe and convenient the local solution popular in a particular country is
  • creating guides on third-party solutions to use for existing software in the company
  • collecting and transferring the information to an existing database or CRM


Information about successfully realized integrations, we show in the descriptions of the realized projects, which are placed in the portfolio.


You can receive additional information about the possibilities for finalizing existing software solutions with the help of API and cross-platform integration by sending a request in any convenient way.