Create IT-solutions

Do you know in what cases it is necessary to create a new software product? It is needed, for example, when a new business is breaking ground or when a company has already achieved success and now this company should have a new effective tool in order to move to a higher level of development.


So, there are two such different cases in business but both of them need a quick creation of a software product that will ensure the collection, analysis, distribution and storage of the information. Optimus IT is ready to solve this problem.


What projects Optimus IT is ready to create from planning to realization

  • blockchain
  • E-commerce (including online board, learning platforms, marketplaces, landing page/subscription pages)
  • CRM / ERP system
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
  • private / corporate websites (enterprise platforms, file hosting, directory websites, blogs)
  • mobile game, AR / VR applications


Our competence in IT is very high. However, for solving a difficult task rightly, this competence can be not enough. That’s why, we will involve the expertise of our consultants in any field, no matter how complicated your business is. It will help to define clearly the terms of reference that will ensure quick implementation and reduce the budget due to the absence of unexpected improvements.


Optimus IT – we will prepare your IT for the future today

Another advantage of cooperation with Optimus IT is the creation of new software products with the realization of opportunities for simpler improvements in order to create functionality that will be necessary for the further development of your company.


Why should you choose Optimus IT for creating your new IT solution?

  • Optimal cost

If your project has a clearly defined task, it will employ as many specialists as needed, without any extra one.


  • Experience in IT

The total experience of our specialists in IT is 386 years. Project managers and senior groups have realized for more than 10 years the most complicated projects, having accumulated enough knowledge in order to identify clearly the tools and ways for achieving the required functionality. Moreover, in our team, full time (in-house) we have partner relations with other groups, which allows us to attract in short time and on a profitable basis to temporary cooperation (outsourcing) any specialists from freelancers to PHP, Javascript, HTML guru.


  • Secure involvement of consultants in specific business branches

Third-party consultants are involved for a limited time and do not have any access to descriptions of your business processes, because they transfer only part of their competence at the stage of setting the terms of reference.


  • Success stories

We create new solutions for business. The fact that it is effective to cooperate with Optimus IT is confirmed by the reviews of various companies, which you can find in the section “Portfolio” and statistics on the Upwork account of Optimus IT