Fix, Upgrade & Repair

OK, you have a software product which helps you conduct business either online or offline. But you went to the Optimus IT page in order to hire a team of programmers. It means that your business has surpassed in the development of the existing business-IT. We are ready to correct it!

If your IT solutions don’t work, they work incorrectly, or they cannot fulfill their tasks, but the business is so specific that it is impossible to buy ready-made solutions (or their purchase, as well as writing a new program «from the very beginning» is out of the budget), Optimus IT will offer the most optimal solution.

The projects which Optimus IT has already «repaired»:


Full upgrade: the new design, new layout templates, a new setting of WordPress and important plugins (primarily, SEO).


The new site looks better, works faster, is SEO-friendly, and its usability is brought to modern standards.


The project was completed in 3 months.



The basic elements of the design option have been updated: the site used to work on PHP scripts. During the work, the porting was carried out to the Zend Framework using ORM Doctrine2.


At the same time, the design of the pages of the administrative part of the site was updated. More user-friendly and flexible in terms of administration HTML forms were made in the new version. Moreover, the dynamic generation of PDF reports was added.


Security and speed of the site increased. This site became more convenient for company employees to use, the form wizard became intuitively clear, and the form validation was improved.


The whole work was done in six months. After updating, there was a period of technical and information support for users of the system.



The redesign, the usability of forms, integration of online payment, integration of the API of the public service, which registers insurance policies, integration of online purchases with the database of accounts of insurance policies inside the company, with CRM.


Used technologies: Yii framework, JS (jQuery), MySQL. We still provide some support to this site.


Read more in the Portfolio section.


Optimus IT – after “repair” your IT will work like a Swiss watch and will be ready to maintain the growth rate of your business.

We understand how difficult it is to finalize someone’s solutions. The complicated architecture of the processes, patches, which create difficulties for connecting and expanding functionality, often dismiss still a very good and useful IT solution. That’s why in the modernization process, we not only finalize the programs due to all customer’s requirements but also configure them in a way that simplifies the further upgrade with the help of Optimus IT or any other third-party company.

The proper setting of the technical task helps foresee these “expansion slots”. Such a setting includes detailed information gathering from the customer connected with the possible directions in use of data which will collect/store/process/analyze the program after completing all the upgrades specified in the technical task. We also practice outsourcing of expert consultants for determining the peculiarities of business processes in the area of activity in which the repaired IT solution works.


Advantages of working jointly with Optimus IT to modernize and «repair» an outdated IT solution

  • Optimal cost

We employ as many specialists as it is necessary to complete the project within a specified time and no more. It is achieved by clearly defining the technical task.


  • Acceptable time limits

When necessary, the finalization can be made in the “explosive” time limits – if your own specialized staff cannot provide an acceptable speed of realization, we will quickly form a team of any size from the required number of high-quality specialists and provide a regulated process of work thanks to the well-managed work and high managerial abilities of our team leaders.


  • High competence

Regardless of the project scope, key elements of the development will be performed by the staff members of the Optimus IT team (total experience in IT is 386 years). Project managers and senior groups have realized for more than 10 years the most complicated projects, having accumulated enough knowledge in order to identify clearly the tools and ways for achieving the required functionality. Representatives of various specialties work in our team, full time (in-house): PHP, Javascript, HTML, etc.


  • Secure involvement of consultants in specific business branches

Third-party consultants are involved for a limited time and don’t have any access to descriptions of your business processes, because they transfer only part of their competence at the stage of setting the technical task.


  • Success stories

The fact that it is effective to cooperate with Optimus IT is confirmed by the reviews of various companies, some of which you will find in the section “Portfolio”  and statistics on the Upwork account of Optimus IT.