Paranoid File Shredder

Suppose you’ve got an office or a laboratory. And of course there are some computers full of secret data. As far as these data are secret you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. In case you are ready to destroy them rather than give them away.

One day the people in black masks burst into your lab and entered the first room. Alice had time just to scream, she were not able even to touch the keyboard. Bob heard her scream and managed to remove some files before “black masks” reached his room. So, bad people got files from Alice’s computer, some files from Bob’s one and all the files from big data storage in the next room.

And now suppose that sys-admin Chris has installed Paranoid File Shredder on every computer in the lab. Chris specified list of secret file locations on every computer. He taught Alice and Bob how to use Alert button in case of emergency. If one day bad people want to burst into your lab and take away your secret data Bob will just click on an Alert button and all the data from all computers in LAN will be destroyed without even a chance to recover.

If you want to get protected go to and download the software.