Tools for your business

Any project requires properly selected tools. But bulky professional tool will be too expensive for just a hobby. On the other hand, cheap DIY-equipment can’t withstand the twenty-four-hour work. Racing tires (slicks) will be absolutely useless on city streets, and reliable off-road tires will not bring success on the racing track. These rules are also valid for the IT-tools.


Our task as a company which develops IT-solutions is to create the optimal tool for your business. It includes the optimal period of the project realization, the optimal cost, the scalability or the ability to increase performance. Your task is to clearly define what kind of IT-product Optimus IT should create or improve for the starting, developing or strengthening your business.


For developing websites (web apps) on the Linux operating system, Apache web server, PHP scripting language, and MySQL database management system (DBMS) you can hire one of the PHP programmers of our company. PHP Web programmers for creating web apps use popular PHP frameworks as well as sets of classes, plugins, APIs and a great number of ready-made solutions in PHP. Development is carried out mainly in the environment of a LAMP, version PHP 5 and above. If necessary, we can also develop the project architecture, server, client part of the web app, as well as database architecture.


Our main tools:


  • frameworks (YII, Zend Framework, Codeigniter, Kohana, Laravel, Phalcon, CakePHP, Symphony);
  • CMS (WordPress and cloud solution)
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • e-Commerce (WooCommerce, OpenCart, Custom engine)
  • DBMS (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB)
  • utilizable technologies and software applications (Memcache, xDebug, NoSQL, API, SAAS, SEO, Websocket, Payment Systems, AJAX, RPC, Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Vagrant, Photoshop, Doctrine, PDO, Active Record)
  • VCS (GIT, SVN)
  • administration (databases, Linux-servers, hosting, domains, websites)