Mobile, VR, AR Apps

The mobile traffic is growing around the world. The screen diagonal, the convenience of input and computing power of portable electronics are also growing. Nowadays, the capabilities of mobile phones and tablets already allow using them as a full-fledged terminal for managing a business or as an entertainment center. Naturally, a business which offers mobile solutions on its website or integrates them into its business processes will get competitive advantages. Optimus IT is ready to offer its competence in this direction.


For our company there are no secrets in creating a mobile app of any level and type – we are equally successful in Android and iOS, in 2D and 3D Apps, interactive 3D models and Presentations.


We are creating such apps in 3D Unity:

  • “Light” mobile games with optimized 3D graphics
  • “Heavy” games for powerful 3D equipment
  • Product configurators with the step-by-step generation of visual 3D models from various parameters: shape, size, color, texture, etc.


All VR product tested on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, mobile devices in Optimus IT office.