Outsource IT-workers

Realizing large projects, Optimus IT attracts third-party specialists from other companies. This practice allows you to speed up the pace of work, as well as use the services of specialists of extra-class rare specialties, whom it is inefficient to have in the staff. Outsourcing is considered to be common in the IT-business practice and we are also ready to give our experts for strengthening your team.

       Optimus IT: Our competency is on your side

The cost of the work of our programmer in your project depends on the level of the programmer’s qualification, the platform, development language, and the complexity of the project. Project Manager, who works in our staff, can help advance you to the successful ending of the project and in communication a programmer with an employer. His services are not extra paid, you can use them after hiring a programmer.

Write to us and we together with you will determine which way of interaction will be optimal: outsourcing of individual employees or a group of subject-matter experts, or involving a team to prepare a block of the software product as a whole, etc.